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The Jasta Show

Musician, former television host, and podcaster Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta and the former host of MTV's Headbanger's Ball) interviews your heroes every Monday and Thursday. The newest 10 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code JASTA to save 15% on the entire network, plus get a discount on all merchandise! 

Jul 18, 2017

After much requests I finally manage to get together with Davey Suicide out in Vegas. He goes into some great detail about his issues with his old label and some great music biz stuff. PLUS I get to answering more of your questions! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Jul 14, 2017

I finally make it out to Vegas to chat with the one and only "power couple" Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) & Doyle (Doyle/Misfits). Always a fun, fascinating, and great time with these two. We get into videos, music, food and so much more don't miss it! Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital

Jul 10, 2017

Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence) joins me on the show from Nova Rock festival in Austria, making it the first "full band" that's appeared on the podcast. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital 

Jul 7, 2017

Brann Dailor (Mastodon) is back on the show again today. Its always a good time when we get to sit down together. He tells us about playing with Metallica, we hit issues with violence at shows, psychedelics and much more. Follow the show @jameyjasta @gasdigital.

Jul 3, 2017

The one and only Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) is on the podcast again. If you wanna talk can't miss episodes, this is one of them. We could talk for hours but we had to end it at some point. We had such a great time talking about everything from music, to politics and everything in between. I hope you guys enjoy it...